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Mobile Tracer - G2/G2M

Developed for overseas customers, the Mobile Tracer-G2 and Mobile Tracer-G2M feature standard fleet management and monitoring functions as well as special functions designed to meet the needs of overseas customers.

Mobile Tracer - G2

This model features control buttons designed for monitoring driver activity.

Mobile Tracer - G2M

Mobile Tracer - G2M

This economical panel-less model is designed to minimize driver workload.

Makes fleet activity "visible"

Fleet managers can monitor vehicle locations, driver activity, and vehicle status via a display monitor in real time.

Makes fleet activity

Multi-language voice alerts

You can send a voice alert in multiple languages (English, Chinese, Thai, and Malay).
*Not available on the Mobile Tracer-G2M, which features a buzzer alert function.

Multi-language voice alerts

Theft-proof features

In addition to functions that increase safety and cost efficiency, fleet management systems in overseas markets (like Asia) must be able to stop employee theft of cargo and fuel. We offer an array of theft-proof solutions to meet this need.

Fuel consumption monitoring

Fuel consumption monitoring

Door open/close monitoring