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DTS-C1Fujitsu's fleet management solutions are now available for cloud platforms.
The DTS-C1 delivers enhanced functionality and user-friendly features while minimizing both start-up and running costs.

National Driving Ranking

Driving Evaluation

Voice Call Option

Mapping of Areas with Heavy Braking

Introductory video

ITP-WebService cloud-based fleet operation support service

Real-time communications

Real-time communications


Operating environment

OS Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 or later (Japanese version)
Microsoft Windows Vista Business Service Pack 2 or later (Japanese version)
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 or later (Japanese version)
CPU Pentium4 2GHz equivalent or faster
Memory 1GB or more
(2 GB if your OS is Windows Vista or Windows 7)
Web browser Internet Explorer 8, 9
Monitor 1024 × 768 or higher resolution, 32-bit true color or better

New hardware features

New hardware features

1.All-in-one design
Cardless model with built-in keypad streamlines your hardware and saves you money.

2.Built-in FOMA 3G communication module
This is the industry's first digital tachograph equipped with a 3G communication module. The driver can send vehicle, operational, and cargo data on a regular basis while the fleet manager can access information on specific vehicles whenever necessary. Making fleet management more speedy and accurate than ever, it's miles ahead of conventional models.

3.Built-in accelerometer
The built-in accelerometer enables you to preset an engine's rpm threshold for inclines and detect unsafe steering habits to ensure fair evaluations of driving performance and safe driving practices. *Additional graph for vehicle roll rates measured while the vehicle is in motion.

・Bluetooth interface
 (Can be linked to HHT, mobile phone, PND, etc.)
・USB2.0 interface
 (Can be linked to in-vehicle printer navigation systems, etc.)
・CAN interface