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DTS-C1D The DTS-C1D adds a video event data recorder (video event data recorder) to the DTS-C1 networked digital
tachograph. The cloud services make it possible to view video from vehicles in operation in real time. The fusion of networking and video improves field communication yet further.

National Driving Ranking

Driving Evaluation

Voice Call Option

Mapping of Areas with Heavy Braking

Introductory video

ITP-WebService cloud-based fleet operation support service


ITP-WebService video event data recorder integration

The ITP-WebService cloud-based fleet operation support service now can synchronize with the video event data recorder.

OS Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 or later (Japanese version)
Microsoft Windows Vista Business Service Pack 2 or later (Japanese version)
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 or later (Japanese version)
CPU Core 2 Duo 3 GHz equivalent or faster
Memory 3 GB or more
(4 GB if your OS is Windows Vista or Windows 7)
Web browser Internet Explorer 8, 9
Monitor 1024 × 768 or higher resolution, 32-bit true color or better

Hardware features

Hardware features

1.Digital tachograph with a built-in video event data recorder
We have fused the networked digital tachograph and the video event data recorder to improve upon the safe and economical driving and transport quality provided by our existing tachograph and provide the revolutionary ability to check images from the office in real time.

2.Efficient fleet operation support
Integrating the digital tachograph and video event data recorder saves room. You can manage the video event data recorder data from the office by using fleet operation support software which makes possible efficient and effective operation.

3.Connection to up to four high-performance cameras
You can connect up to four cameras to avoid missing anything. The 310,000-pixel camera has waterproof construction and a wide viewing angle. It works well in rain and at night.