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Frequently Asked Questions

We have received many questions from customers about the DTS-C1, so we have summarized them here.

Q.Is the digital tachograph certified?

A:The digital tachograph is certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT).

Q.You say that the DTS-C1 Series is "SaaS-based," but what exactly does this mean?

A:Now, for the first time, you can use a Fujitsu digital tachograph for fleet operation based on software as a service (SaaS). We have applied extensive experience and know-how to develop our fleet operation service, and now we have installed it on a SaaS platform so that you can use it with just a PC that can connect to the Internet. This makes it easy to adopt sophisticated fleet operation support.

Q.How much does the DTS-C1 main unit cost?

A:The standard price is 229,000 yen per unit.
Options are extra.

Q.Are the running costs such as communication expenses affordable?

A:We charge 2,360 yen per vehicle per month including service usage costs, support services, and communication expenses. Our support services will take good care of you: we have spare units for each customer so that we can replace the units right away if something unexpected happens. The communication expenses are flat-rate.

Q.Will we need a dedicated computer in the office?

A:You do not need a dedicated computer for fleet management. As long as you have a computer that can connect to the Internet, you can use the service anytime, anywhere, just by entering your ID and password.

Q.Will we need map software?

A:Map software usage costs are all included in the basic service.

Q.Won't the system be difficult for us to maintain?

A:All the data from your vehicles is collected, processed, and stored at the Fujitsu data center.
The Fujitsu data centers maintain some of the highest levels of security in the industry. Your system operation burden should be minimal.

Q.How do updates work for the software (including the map software)?

A:The customer does not have to do any work to update the software. The Fujitsu data center does it. The customer just receives a notification.

Q.Is it still possible for us to manipulate the data if the system is SaaS-based?

A:You can download your data from the data center server and manipulate it in CSV format so that you can use it for many purposes.

Q.We would like to track movement without additional cost, but does movement tracking require a separate contract?

A:Movement tracking is included in the basic service. You can follow data on vehicles' positions, violations, and work in real time. You can also track cargo temperature and dangerous driving such as heavy braking.

Q.Aren't the buttons hard to use if they're on the main unit?

A:The organic EL display makes it easy to see the displayed buttons even from an angle. You can also use a control pad.

Q.Does using the Internet make it easier to aggregate the data of each branch?

A:When you can use the Internet to check the data of each branch, it becomes very easy to aggregate data at your head office.