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Message from the President

In April 2020, Transtron celebrated the 30th anniversary of its founding. Transtron, a joint venture between Fujitsu Limited and Isuzu Motors Limited, aims to develop technical innovations through the fusion of transportation technology and electronics. I extend my heartfelt thanks to many people whose support has enabled us to come this far since the company was established in 1990.

Ever since the founding of Transtron, we have worked to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of customers, such as enhanced control in the vehicle and transportation industries, and the diversification of fleet operations support. With “driving, turning, stopping, connecting” technologies as our core competence, we have developed our business over a wide area in these fields of (1) diesel engine control, (2) vehicle control / telematics, (3) in-vehicle voice sensing, and (4) in-vehicle information systems.

Recently, with the vehicle/transportation industry undergoing the kind of drastic transformation that is said to occur only once a century, our company has anticipated the needs for safety, security, lavor savings and greater efficiency that are characteristic of the CASE era of logistics, and has been providing a number of solutions to customers.
We have provided hardware, software and services that utilize cutting-edge technologies to customers in a timely manner. These include diesel engine control units used to implement clean engines that are compliant with global emissions regulations; integrated control units that provide the “brain” behind truck platooning that governs the driving, turning, and stopping of individual vehicles; digital array microphones that incorporate speakers compatible with the high-performance emergency notification eCall systems for which legislation is being progressively implemented around the world; and cloud-based fleet management system that use connected technologies to enable operations to be optimized while monitoring information in real time from more than 180,000 vehicles.

In addition, Transtron has set up offices in the three countries of Thailand, the United States, and China as bases to support the global expansion of our customers. This allows us to provide the optimal QCD to customers even outside Japan, while allowing the company to expand the foundation of its business overseas. Furthermore, by opening a software design center in Bangkok, we have also put in place a global software development structure.

By providing vehicle control units, Transtron Inc. will support the continued expansion of global logistics going forwards, and contribute to the sustainable development of communities and societies. Using networked in-vehicle information systems, we help make transportation operations safer and more comfortable for freight service operators, bus service operators, drivers and cargo owners. In order to achieve this, we will continue to create new innovations by fusing the vehicle control unit development capabilities we have accumulated over the years with Digital Transformation (DX) in the form of IoT, AI, and Deep Learning (DL).

Shinichi Ohoka, PresidentMizuyasu Hayashi, President