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Mobile Tracer‐G


Newly developed for overseas customers, the Mobile Tracer-G answers all kinds of customer needs. It has voice call support and a three-axis accelerometer, and it can even be connected to external display and control devices. It also features impressively reduced cost.

Fleet management and monitoring functions successful in Japan, now available overseas

Voice call feature (optional)【coming soon】

You can use the communication module for voice calls between the office and vehicle.
  • To use the voice call feature, the Voice Call Option (microphone, speaker, and hands-free device) is required.
  • Calls may only be placed from the office to the vehicle. (It is not possible to dial from the vehicle.)
  • The customer is responsible for call charges with the voice call feature. (They are added to the office phone charges.)

[Operation schematic]


Eco-indicators and status switches (optional)

A peripheral device is available that integrates eco-indicators and status switches.



  • A three-level LED display shows the "eco-level" (economy and safety of driving) of the vehicle in motion in real time.
  • When the driver takes the eco-indicator LED display into account in driving, it makes driving more economical and safer.
  • The office can use software to adjust the levels for the LED display remotely by vehicle.


2.Status switches
・Up to three status buttons can be added.


Three-axis accelerometer

An accelerometer senses movement on three axes: front-back, left-right, and up-down. This clarifies fleet activity in the following aspects that could not be detected before:
  • Vertical oscillation in travel
  • Uphill and downhill travel (to prevent excessive engine speeds uphill and promote engine braking downhill)