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Electronic Control Units

Transtron offers electronic control units (ECUs) for many applications. We utilize the ECU design and development we have pushed forward since our founding to answer a variety of customer needs.
Precision, integrative control functions keep diesel engine emissions clean
Our diesel engine ECU (ECM) builds on all the unique advantages of a diesel engine, like high fuel efficiency, low CO2 emissions, and high power. Designed to ensure compliance with increasingly strict emission control regulations, it is one of the most important parts of the diesel engine electronic control system.
It provides precision, integrative control over the common rail fuel injection system, emission gas recirculation (EGR) system, and emission gas treatment system to keep diesel engine emissions clean.
Reduces collision damage to large vehicles
Whenever the risk of collision is detected through millimeter-wave radar data from the vehicle ahead as well as from in-vehicle device data, the pre-crash brake system sounds a warning buzzer that alerts the driver to hit the brake. When a collision is deemed unavoidable, even with evasive steering, the pre-crash brake ECU sends a signal to the brake unit to automatically apply the brakes prior to impact to help reduce the force of the collision.
Automatic shifting like that of automatic transmission
The device automatically shifts gears to mitigate driver fatigue. Even if the vehicle has manual transmission, the device shifts the gears as if it had automatic transmission. The gear optimization also improves fuel efficiency.
Enhances fuel efficiency and environmental performance
The idling stop system uses vehicle speed sensors to automatically stop idling when the brake is hit and automatically start the engine when the driver presses the clutch. It helps improve a vehicle's environmental performance and fuel economy without any conscious effort on the part of the driver.
Enhances vibration absorption performance and loading/unloading efficiency
The air suspension ECU adjusts the loading platform height according to the load to keep this air suspension system, renowned for excellent vibration absorption performance, in top condition.
The height and tipping angle of the loading platform can be adjusted as desired to facilitate loading and unloading operations. The ECU also comes with a memory function for storing loading platform height information, axle load control to facilitate starting the vehicle when it's unloaded, a load calculator, and other user-friendly functions.
Prevents vehicle from rolling backward for a smooth start
For easy and safe clutch operation in starting the vehicle on a steep grade, this system retains the brake force even after the driver's foot leaves the brake pedal while the vehicle is stationary and automatically releases the brake force when the clutch is engaging for start-up. This system answers rising demand for reduction of creep force to make vehicles clean and efficient.
Enables real-time fleet management and vehicle management
A data logger is a telematics system that can receive and collect data sent from automotive sensors and ECUs. Data can be not only stored in the internal memory but also collected and analyzed in real time using wireless communication technology. It allows for digitally analyzing fleet information and facilitates diagnosing vehicle problems while ensuring optimal vehicle management.