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Array Microphones

If you want to use hands-free calls and speech recognition in a motor vehicle, you need to handle noise from many sources, such as from driving and from air conditioning. Transtron's digital array microphones use high directionality and advanced signal processing, including noise canceling, to provide a comfortable in-vehicle speech environment. Our proprietary algorithms achieve high performance in speech signal processing, and we can support various installation forms and size conditions.
Transtron has developed a compact digital array microphone for in-vehicle applications. It applies our unique array microphone technology to efficiently cancel noise and pass the driver's speech.
Our array microphone module can be integrated into in-vehicle devices such as car navigation systems. It has two microphones and a high-speed digital signal processor (DSP) mounted on a miniature circuit board so that it is easy to add our digital array microphone to an in-vehicle device and achieve high audio quality. It also supports extensions such as an echo canceler for calls or input from an external microphone.
A digital array microphone that contains a speaker that supports the eCall emergency call system, which is being introduced in Russia. Its newly-developed, high-performance echo canceler enables appropriate processing of echoes from the speaker inside the compact case. This design realizes the call quality demanded by the eCall system in a small space.