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Compliance Line

In order to ensure thorough compliance, Transtron will coordinate with the compliance lines of the Fujitsu Group and work to ensure early discovery of problems.

Trading Partner Compliance Line

In the event that a director or employee of the Transtron Group commits a compliance violation in relation to procurement activities or suspicion of such arises, please enter the requested information on the Trading Partner Compliance Line Report Form and submit it to us.
We do not accept reports of slander of individuals under any circumstances.
  1. Division responsible:
    Fujitsu Group contact information:Risk Management and Compliance Department, Fujitsu Ltd.
    External contact information:Sakura Law Firm
    ※External contact information: The report will be delivered to the Fujitsu Group after information identifying the whistleblower is removed by the law firm.
  2. Notes:
    • Provide the name, division and workplace of the whistleblower.
      If you do not want to provide your name or workplace, let the external contact know, and it will be reported to the internal contact in such a way as to not identify the whistleblower.
    • The personal information of the whistleblower will not be disclosed to other divisions than the division in charge without the consent of the individual.
  3. How reports are handled:
    We will confirm and investigate the facts related to the report and take prompt action.
    The division in charge may contact the whistleblower to verify the facts related to the report or request documents/data to back up the authenticity of the report.
    The whistleblower will be notified of the results of action taken as necessary.
  4. Prohibition of unfavorable treatment:
    It is prohibited to treat whistleblowers or their workplaces unfavorably in response to their use of the Trading Partner Compliance Line.
<their use of the Trading Partner Compliance Line.>
(Click to go to the Fujitsu Group Trading Partner Compliance Line Report Form)

Compliance Line

We apply Fujitsu Group’s compliance line as a system to accept the reports and offers from all Transtron employees.

This system is intended to be used by employees who are uncertain about what is the right decision or suspect a violation of the Code of Conduct in the Fujitsu Way, and prepares to receive a wide range of reports and consultations, from harassment to legal violations, which may occur in any country. At Transtron, we will continuously take measures to raise awareness of the system thoughout the Gropu via posters and websites.