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Corporate Guidelines・Principles・Code of Conduct

As a member of the Fujitsu Group, Transtron engages in thorough corporate governance and compliance based on the spirit of the FUJITSU Way.

Corporate Guidelines

What We Envisage
  • Society and environment: We will contribute to society and protect the global environment.
  • Profit and growth: We will meet the expectations of our customers, employees and shareholders.
  • Shareholders and investors: We will improve corporate value on a continual basis.
  • Global: We will always make decisions from a global perspective.
What We Value
  • Employees: We will respect their diversity and support their growth.
  • Customers: We will serve them as their irreplaceable partners.
  • Trading partners: We will develop mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Technology: We will continue to create new value.
  • Quality: It is how we earn the trust of customers and society.


  • Good member of society: We will always turn our eyes toward society and the environment and act as a good member of society.
  • Customer-orientation: We will be customer-oriented and act in good faith.
  • Three Reals Philosophy (Sangen Shugi): We will look squarely at the actual place, the actual part and the actual situation as we act.
  • Challenge: We will set high goals and act with persistence to achieve them.
  • Speed: We will act quickly and resourcefully as we pursue our goals.
  • Teamwork: Objectives will be shared across organizations, and each individual will act with responsibility.

Code of Conduct

  • We will respect human rights.
  • We will observe the law.
  • We will engage in fair business dealings.
  • We will protect and respect intellectual property.
  • We will maintain confidentiality.
  • We will not use our business position for personal gain.