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TRANSTRON Environmental Action Plan

This action plan is to provide a specific goal for the implementation of TRANSTRON Environmental Action Plan according to the policies of the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan, Stage VII.

1. Pursuit of Electronic Control Technologies in Consideration of / Contributory to Environment

We make use of our electronic control technologies for global environmental protection and sustainable development of society by evolving them further.

    (1) Major control technology for diesel engines

    (2) Car control technology of low-pollution cars

    (3) Fuel efficient vehicle driving control technologies

    (4) Technology for more effective vehicle driving by the use of ICT

2. Total abolition of Prohibited Inclusion in Products

    We comply with each of the stipulation of the prohibited inclusion designated by the Fujitsu group, European REACH Regulation, RoHS Directive for electronic and electric equipment and ELV Directive for vehicles and the relevant equipment. We also promote the activities for the reduction of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) in vehicles in accordance with the self-imposed principle of Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.

3.Social Contribution Activities

    (1) As part of collaboration with society, we give financial, technical and personnel support to activities for solving social and environmental problems.

    (2) As good corporate citizens, we support social contribution activities our employees participate in together with community people.

4. Our Business Activities and Continuous Control Target

    (1) Promotion of green procurement activities

    (2) Restriction of energy usage

    (3) Restriction of paper usage

    (4) Restriction of waste disposal